Monthly Income Fund Key Features

Below is an overview of the main features of an investment in the Monthly Income Fund. It is not intended to be exhaustive. For more detailed information, please refer to the Information Memorandum for the Monthly Income Fund.

Name of Fund

Vertex Monthly Income Fund

Investment Manager

Vertex Funds Management Pty Ltd ACN 610 480 530

Vertex is responsible for the day to day management of the Monthly Income Fund on behalf of the investors in the Monthly Income Fund.

Fund objective

The objective of the Monthly Income Fund is to provide monthly income through a selection of investments in short-to-medium term registered first mortgage loans and provide additional capital protection measures to Investors.

Investment strategy

The investment strategy of the Monthly Income Fund is to source loans secured by registered first mortgages held over a variety of real property such as residential, commercial, and suitable regional, rural, coastal, or industrial properties within Australia.

Income of the Fund

The Monthly Income Fund’s income is generated through the interest, fees, and charges payable by a borrower on the first mortgage loans the Monthly Income Fund provides.


Wholesale clients under the Corporations Act. They can include:

  • Individuals.
  • Superannuation funds.
  • Retirees and Pension funds.
  • Trustees.
  • Institutions.
  • Charities and Foundations.

Minimum Investment Amount

$50,000.00 and multiples of $5,000.00 thereafter.

Unit price

The unit price for the Monthly Income Fund is based on the underlying value of the Monthly Income Funds’ Assets and may rise or fall.

All initial units issued in the Monthly Income Fund will be issued at a value of $1.00. Due to the nature of the Monthly Income Fund’s investments, in ordinary circumstances the value of units in the Monthly Income Fund will not generally fluctuate. Therefore, in the normal course of events Vertex expects the unit value upon withdrawal to be equal to $1.00 for each unit held in the Monthly Income Fund.

The current unit price is $1.00.

Investment preservation

In the event that there is a capital loss in an investment of the Monthly Income Fund and the value of the units in the Monthly Income Fund decrease, Vertex, at its own discretion, may forfeit any future performance fees and apply the forfeited fees to cover any loss on an ongoing basis and until the unit price has been restored to its previous value.

Investment return

The rate of return on investments is not fixed but there is a Target Rate of return. The current Target Rate of return should be read in conjunction with the Information Memorandum.

The current Target Rate is 7.00% pa.

Income Distributions

Income will be distributed monthly in arrears to the Investor’s nominated bank account within ten (10) business days of the last day of the month.

Minimum investment term

Twelve (12) months from end of the month the investment commences.


A six (6) month notice period is required for withdrawals and is subject to the minimum investment term being achieved.

Cooling-off period

No cooling-off period applies to any investment in the Monthly Income Fund.

Entry/Withdrawal fees

No entry fees. A withdrawal fee may be applicable in the event of an early withdrawal request.

  • Exclusive investments for Wholesale Investors
  • Monthly income distributions
  • Pooled first mortgage investments
  • Investments secured by real property within Australia
  • 12-month minimum initial investment term
  • Additional investment preservation measures
  • Fully managed investment

Target Rate paid monthly