Monthly Income Fund

The Monthly Income Fund is an open-ended pooled mortgage trust in which Investor money is combined to make a pool of loans which are secured by first mortgages over real property in favour of the Monthly Income Fund. The income from the loans is combined with income from cash holdings and any other investments to generate monthly income distributions to Investors.

In a pooled fund the investment manager selects a range of securities and sets the loan to valuation ratio for each security without any input from Investors, with a loss arising from any mortgage security being shared by all Investors.

Investors’ money is pooled together and invested collectively. Each Investor has a proportionate share in the entire investment portfolio rather than a specific interest in any particular investment.

As Investors leave the day to day investment decisions to Vertex, the experience of the manager and its ability to manage the loans and the Monthly Income Fund’s liquidity position is key to the success of the Monthly Income Fund.

The objective of the Monthly Income Fund is to provide monthly income distributions through a selection of investments in short-to-medium term registered first mortgage loans and provide additional capital protection measures to Investors.

By investing in the Monthly Income Fund, you will hold units in the Monthly Income Fund which will entitle you to share in any income generated for the Monthly Income Fund.

The features, benefits, risks and general information about the Monthly Income Fund are addressed in more detail within the Information Memorandum. An Information Memorandum can be requested by contacting us.

  • Exclusive investments for Wholesale Investors
  • Monthly income distributions
  • Pooled first mortgage investments
  • Investments secured by real property within Australia
  • 12-month minimum initial investment term
  • Additional investment preservation measures
  • Fully managed investment

Target Rate paid monthly