Direct Mortgage Fund Key Features

The aim of the fund is to offer Wholesale Investors the opportunity to invest in individual loans and mortgages secured by real property (Mortgage Investments) that may not otherwise be available to individual Investors.

Fund Characteristics

  • The Investor decides and approves the risk and return profile of a Mortgage Investment.
  • Fixed term and interest rate.
  • Mortgage security over real property within Australia.
  • Qualified independent valuation of each security property.
  • Conservative loan to valuation ratio. Maximum lend of 70% of security property value but generally set at 65% depending on asset and loan requirements.
  • Limited early withdrawal. Early withdrawal permitted if suitable replacement investor can be found.

Investor Profile

Wholesale Investors only which can include:

  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Superannuation funds
  • Retiree and Pension funds
  • Trustees
  • Institutions
  • Charities and Foundations

Investment Term

Typically, between three (3) months and two (2) years.

Fixed income

Interest is fixed for the term.

Direct Mortgage Investment

Investor(s) names are registered on the security property title as mortgagee either solely or as tenants in common with other Investors. Vertex is noted as the mortgage manager within the transaction documents.

Mortgage Security

The Direct Mortgage Fund provides for individual Mortgage Investments secured by a variety of real property within Australia. These properties can include metropolitan residential property, commercial and suitable regional or industrial properties.

Income Distribution

Income generally credited monthly in arrears to the Investor’s nominated bank account.

Loan Purpose

Business or commercial purposes only.
Purchase, refinance, equity release and/or development.


No fees payable by the Investor unless early withdrawal applies.


Vertex manages the mortgage investments on behalf of Investors from the initial assessment to mortgage repayment.

The directors of Vertex have extensive experience in banking, credit assessment, loan management, investment management and debt recovery.

  • Exclusive opportunities for Wholesale Investors
  • You decide which mortgages to invest in
  • Investors are registered as mortgagee
  • Invested directly into individual first mortgage loans
  • All loans secured by real property within Australia
  • Investment terms between 3 and 24 months
  • Register to start receiving investment opportunities

Fixed monthly interest distributions from