Lending Parameters

Loan Type

Loans for commercial or investment purposes only.

Loans captured under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 or third-party loans will not be considered.

Loan Purpose

  • Property purchase
  • Refinance / Portfolio finance restructure
  • Development/Construction finance
  • Equity release

Loan Term

3 to 24 months.

Loan Amount

From $500,000 to $5,000,000. Larger loan amounts may be considered.


First registered mortgage over real property within Australia.

General securities agreement and personal guarantees from the director(s)/principal(s).

Security Property Type

Residential, commercial, and industrial – established or vacant land.

Specialist security will not be considered.

All security property to be independently valued by panel valuer of Vertex.


Up to 65%. May consider up to 70%.

Fees & Rates

Priced upon application and assessment


Interest to be pre-paid within the approved facility. borrower may service monthly interest payments subject to satisfying serviceability criteria.

Credit History

Clean credit record and a successful history in transacting of assets similar to the Loan Security offered.

Loan exit

A clear loan exit strategy must be provided.

Sale or refinance of the security property or a facility restructure is acceptable subject to Vertex confirming that the proposed exit is reasonably achievable.

Borrower profile

Experienced property investors/developers with a proven track record.

Australian residents and/or Australian registered companies/entities only.

Broker Enquiries Welcome.

Vertex invites brokers to contact us to discuss their clients loan funding scenarios.

The directors of Vertex have extensive experience with Short Term Private Funding for construction and development as well as structuring loan solutions for your Borrowers.

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